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About Radian Compliance, LLC.
  • Is your Business Continuity Plan ready to protect your business environment as it stands today? Of all the disruptions that your organization may face—an attack by a skilled hacker, an employee breaching sensitive data, an ex-contractor copying a client list—the shutdown of a production system can be the most harrowing. For your organization, it’s an obvious source of stress and a severe disruption of the business: Customers can’t enter orders, accounts receivable aren’t processed and accounts payable can’t run. While there are numerous disaster recovery planning tools in the marketplace that can be used to structure a recovery effort, what is often overlooked is the plan’s functional use. In other words, does it work when it really has to? Does it have a detailed step-by-step plan to cover the recovery of all critical files? All good recovery plans should, but are the steps on your plan up to date, timely, and accurate? The Radian Group has the skilled professionals ready to look at your prior Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning efforts, and ensure they WORK for your business and protect your bottom-line. What is defined as a Disaster for IT and your Organization? The Disaster Recovery Institute’ (DRI) states “a disaster is a sudden, unplanned calamitous event that creates an inability on an organizations part to provide the critical business functions for some predetermined period of time which results in loss of data, personnel, business or time." The Radian Group’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery certified planning specialists will aid in designing a secure and manageable plan for your company in the event of a Disaster. What Approach will we use? There are 4 R’s and 1 P used in ensuring your IT Organization is ready to “Expect the Unexpected”: Prevention Response Recovery Restoration Resilient
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